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  • Is it nearly impossible for you to make a progress in your thesis writing since your disgruntled boss keeps piling on the work hour after hour?
  • Have you given up the thoughts of writing a thesis because when you return home after work totally exhausted, you find your problem child wailing like a siren and your wife screaming at the top of her lungs “Your Child Needs A Father Who Can Give Him Time”?
  • Is your recently submitted draft returned with red marks all over it and you have no idea how to write a thesis according to your thesis supervisor’s liking?
  • Have you finally got some time for your thesis writing but for some reason you just can not write? You try but nothing comes out except few meaningless words?
If you are suffering with even one of the above dilemmas, then you are from 70% of the UK PhD candidates who think thesis writing is for some mad scientist with no social life.


 is one of the most difficult things you can possibly do. According to BBC the drop out rate from universities in UK is as high as 22%. That is like 1 person dropping out of four.

Most PhD students drop out because they cannot cope with the pressures of thesis writing. PhD thesis writing requires a lot of concentration, time and research. And lets face it…

Who has the time and stamina to do so much research work when you have a demanding wife, wailing children, disgruntled boss, and an unhappy thesis supervisor?


Just For A Second Close Your Eyes And Imagine Yourself…Accepting A Completely New Task From Your Boss Just Before An Hour To Your Time-Off From Work With A Huge Smile & Without Any Worries of Continuing Your PhD Thesis Writing At Home!!!

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Doctoral Thesis Writing

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Think How Awesome Would It Be To Take Your Wife Out Whenever She Asks You Since There Is No More Doctoral Thesis Writing Assignment Ahead of You!!!

Now you must be thinking “what a load of rubbish”? How can this be possible?” I don’t blame you for being skeptical. In fact it’s what every sane person would think.
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Read the following lines and you would start to

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Here Is How It Became Possible For One of Our PhD-Candidate Client Who Was Stuck With Her Doctorate Thesis Writing…

“Dutch Schultz. I bet you are just excited hearing the name. The mystery that surrounded this demon of a man. I thought writing my doctoral thesis on the psychology on the mafia boss would be fun. How wrong I was? To understand the psychology I had to go through his entire life and his crime trail. But still I had zero. I could not understand what triggered him into being so ruthless. In fact I was so confused that I thought of giving up the entire thesis altogether. Then I tried

They got me facts and figures on the childhood of Dutch Schultz. Childhood plays a major role in understanding some ones psychology. And the details provided were excellent. I passed my thesis defense with flying colors because I had such great information with me. Thank you   ” - Dr.Tracey Jameson

We are a group of doctoral thesis writers who have all gone through what you are going through at the moment. The anxiety, the confusion, you name it and we’ve been through it. Hence we decided to open a service that deals with the problems specifically faced in writing a thesis.

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